Monday, January 20, 2020

100th Day of School Activities for Upper Elementary

Share some activities I use to celebrate the 100th day of school with upper elementary students. Often you see counting activities geared towards primary grades but you can do so much more. Dress up is always a fun idea for both students and teachers. Cue Golden Girls and this cute kiddo below for costume inspiration.

 !00th day of school ideas

One of the activities I like to do is read a book about what it was like to live 100 years ago. This book takes place in the 1900s in New York city so you have some context. I included some sample pages so you can see the table of contents as well. (If you are interested in getting the book you can click on any of the book images below and it will take you to Amazon via my affiliate link.)  I have students compare using a Venn diagram how it was then vs. now.

100th day of school ideas

100th day of school ideas

100th day of school ideas

Then I take my students picture with my 100 days smarter letter board and the Aging Booth App using my iPhone. Click here for the Android app. (I am pictured using the app below.) After I take the pictures I go online to print them using the google photo app that backs up all my pictures automatically on my phone. Students can include the pictures with their writing or in their end of year class memory books we create.

100th day of school ideas

100th day of school ideas

Another fun idea is to have students brainstorm and name as many activities or things you have learned as a class so far. I use chart paper to list their ideas. A funny addition is to have them share things you always say, and you can add those to the list as well.

100th day of school meme

This is a treat bag I also love to make for my students. I'm always looking for a chance to celebrate and have fun in my class. Plus, I look forward to treats just as much as my students do.

100th day of school ideas

Finally, for a writing activity I have students write about how they think they will be when they are 100 years old. The results can be comical. Check out this hilarious meme about this writing prompt making it's way around the Internet. I totally want to be this kid when I'm 100 years old as well.

100th day of school ideas

The writing paper I use, the Venn diagram mentioned earlier, and the cookie topper template are a also part of a free printable download I made for my email subscribers. Access my free resource library by subscribing to my newsletter at the top of this page or wherever you see a pop up and you will receive the link to it by email.

100th day of school ideas

I hope you have a lot of fun using these ideas with your students! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Top Back to School Resources and a Sale 2019

It's that time of year again when you get the back to school jitters and you worry about all you have to accomplish. My hope is that some of these resources might be helpful to you.  

All of my classroom products at TpT are 20% off Aug 6-7 this Tuesday and Wednesday. If you use the promo code BTS19 at checkout, you'll get an additional 5% off.

This would be a great time to check out some of my top teaching resources for the beginning of the year at an awesome discount or even the ones I offer for free via the link before. Many are already part of discounted bundles so watch for that in case you want to save even more. Here are a few of my favorite suggestions:

Just click any pics to be taken to these resources. 

This a bundle that includes so much to help you start off your first week of school with success. From the first day of school/ get to know you activities including a bilingual English and Spanish survey to classroom decor that serves a purpose.

 Back to School Resource

Speaking of classroom decor, I love having these motivating quote posters up in my room for my students and they also make for great Monday morning meeting discussions while teaching positive character traits. 

 Classroom Inspirational Quotes

At my school, we use reading and writing workshop for literacy but as many of you know the phonemic awareness portion is lacking, so when I see that a student is not reading at grade level I assess them as soon as I can using the resource below. 

Phonemic Awareness and Decoding Inventory

This helps me fill in their phonemic awareness and decoding gaps as quickly as possible in small-group targeted lessons based on their needs before we tackle guided reading books. I have seen students quickly grow their reading levels by three or more in one trimester by starting here. 

I also have phonics posters and games that I use to fill in their gaps in the associated bundle in case you are interested in those items too. Please see my previous blog for more info about these resources!

Don't forget to follow my store and have notifications turned on to receive updates about any new resources at 50% off and information about free updates to any resources you already own so that you can download them again.

Remember the sale ends at 11:59 EST and don't forget the code BTS19 at check out.

I hope you have a great start to your school year and I wish you and your students lots of progress and growth!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

3 Ways to Improve Phonemic Awareness in Students and a Giveaway

I have three tips and resources to help your struggling readers improve their Phonemic Awareness.

But first an awesome giveaway for #teacherappreciationweek. Teachers deserve appreciation all year long, but I'm glad we have this week each year because we need something to cheer us up when we are faced with too much testing, and school-wide events not to mention kids (plus teachers) struck with a case of summer vacay fever. Also, I realize how many teachers don't live anywhere near the awesome Target Dollar Spot so I collected some items to giveaway to my blog readers!

Pictured below are four different prize packages for four different winners that I can send your way! Just sign up for my email at the at the top of this page or via any other pop-up you might see. You're welcome email will also send you to my TpT store to check out 20 different follower freebies! One winner will be chosen from IG and three from my new subscriber list. If you subscribe already just tag a friend on IG and you click the picture below to find my IG post or look me up @teachermsh on the app to participate. What do you hope to win? Tell me in the comments. *Giveaway is only open to those 18 years of age or older and you must be a U.S. resident due to shipping constraints. Entries will be accepted through Sat. May 11th, 2019 and winners announced and messaged the eve of Sun. May 12th, 2019.

 IG TAW 2019 Giveaway Post

Now for my tips to improve phonemic awareness in students! 

1) Assess student gaps in phonemic awareness. 

2) Teach students about common phonic sounds, patterns, and rules to help them decode easier. 

3) Have students practice reading words that contain targeted sounds and phonics patterns for at least 20 minutes a day ideally in a small group with you so you check for accuracy while others participate in centers. Use flash cards, games, or phonics readers.  

Here are some awesome resources I have used that have helped me accomplish all three goals. I have seen my students increase two to three reading levels in one trimester using these item. 

Just recently I created a new small group game to keep them interested and motivated during reading intervention time. Reading City includes all the sounds, and phonics patterns in word context so students can practice their decoding skills! Students chose a card from the pile and it to you correctly they can read it they get to move the number the number of spaces shown on the right top corner of the card. You can have first, second and third place winners if you choose to keep the game going. You can separate the cards they use into correct and reteach piles. Then use the reteach pile or any of the cards as flash cards. I also plan to add two more sets of cards for older readers soon. 

Keep in mind when I publish new resources they are always on sale for 50% off for the first 48 hours after I publish them and this is new one too, so if you are interested please check it out soon or follow me on TpT for more great deals.

Since, TpT is having a site wide sale May 7th and 8th so be sure to use code GIFT4YOU at check out to get an additional 25% off of anything pictured and in my store.

                    Just click any pic to be taken to these resources.

 Reading City Board Game

By using these resources consistently I have seen my readers grow their phonemic awareness knowledge quickly. I've also seen tremendous growth with most students moving up a few reading levels before I even began to work on guided reading. We use Reader's Workshop at my school and often we have very little in the way of resources that focus on foundational reading skills that include phonemic awareness and engage students. 

 Reading Intervention Bundle

FYI this is a growing bundle and more posters will be added as well as additional cards for the reading game. I'm also working on adding my Reading Goals and Strategy Bookmarks resource to the bundle. Right now the price is low but it will go up as I add more items to the bundle.  

Phonemic Awareness and Decoding Inventory

The Phonemic Awareness and Decoding Inventory is great because it helps me know what phonemic awareness gaps I need to fill. You can also use the same sheet to assess your students' progress up to three times a year by using a different color highlighter or colored pen to show new growth and mastery. Then using the Phonics Posters help me teach all the phonics rules and patterns so that students readily crack the reading code to become stronger decoders.

 Phonics Rules and Patterns Posters

If you do decide to get any of these resources be sure to follow my store and have notifications turned on to receive updates about any new additions to the resource you get so you can download the updated version again for free.

Please let me know if you have questions about any of these resources in the comments or on TpT in the Q and A and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I hope you find these resources to be helpful and don't forget to sign up for email at the top of the page for more notification of new resources, updates, giveaways, and sales just a few times a year.